Strategic Digital Content Marketing Solutions Made Easy

Why do we stand out in a crowd?

Go to Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking

Applying fresh thinking to problems new and old sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

Go to Ahead of the Curve

Ahead of the Curve

As digital marketing is dependent on technology which is ever-evolving and fast-changing, the same features should be expected from digital marketing developments and strategies.

Go to Truly Integrated Marketing

Truly Integrated Marketing

Our marketing services encompass the entire digital landscape which means you don’t have to take a step further to get the exactly solution and results you are looking for.

Real-Time Flexibility

You digital needs come always come first. SDC is composed of an a wholly agile team that can turn your vision into results managing any tweaks flawlessly along the way.

Realistic Expectations

We won’t waste a second of your time with lengthy drawn out marketing “fluff” that goes no way. We get straight to the point and deliver exactly what you ask for.

Fresh Outlook

We cater to your exact needs and will look at your marketing strategy from a new perspective in order to provide a well-rounded digital solution.

Precise Reporting

Lets leave out the marketing jargon and get straight to the point. We deliver detailed reporting that is easy to understand, provides maximum value, and drives the point home.

Alpha Geeks

We love this stuff. We live and breathe digital marketing and explore every new facet of the industry with zeal and vigor. We fully immerse ourselves in all cutting edge digital technology.

Technology Driven

You know that really cool tool your buddy told you about that you just have to try? We have it. We are already pros at it. We know it inside and out to leverage it for your project.

About Us

Digital Marketing Solutions Made Easy
Our goal is to bring success to your digital marketing strategy.

Most people get excited when a new episode of their favorite show comes out. We get excited when a new feature of a niche marketing product comes out. We’re just different in a world of cookie cutter type of marketing agencies. We opened our shop in 2013 with an opportunity to harness our varied marketing and technical skills in order to bring companies into contact with cutting edge digital marketing technology. It’s something we just have a passion for and you can count on that.

Our approach is unique to the industry as we combine technology and experience with a passion for digital marketing. Doesn’t sound unique? Well it is. We don’t leverage just one type of technology we test everything we can get our hands on and cut out what we know doesn’t work. We don’t just leverage our marketing experience, but rather our life experiences in a variety of industries. This gives us a unique perspective on myriad issues a typical marketing agency would certainly overlook.

To sum it up – we are beneficially unique, 100% committed to you and your project, and will work outside the box to get the job done. The results you expect are exactly what you’ll receive.



1. Full Digital Marketing Suite

2. Social Marketing

3. Display Market

4. Ecommerce Marketing

5. Email Marketing

6. Retargeting

7. Abandoned Shopping Cart Retention

8. Push Notifications

9. Direct Marketing Tools

10. Integrated Marketing Tools

11. Amazon/Jet Solutions

12. Custom Marketing Solutions

13. Website Redesign

14. Website Consultation

15. Website and Marketing Optimization

16. Website Plugins / Add Ons / Apps

17. Advanced Reporting / Analysis

18. Social Media Management

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